Connecting Wireless HP Printer

How to Setup Wireless HP Printer Connection?

Wireless Printing can be extremely useful and difficult for non tech user and easy for technical knowledge holding user. To Setup Wireless HP Printer Connection follow the below mentioned steps of the following blog of 2-3minute reading. The most new Wireless HP printers can connect directly to your wireless network easily with tech expert’s guidance. The following blog will also allow you to print to the HP Printer from any computer on your network. Connect to HP Printer Support Phone Number for more accurate solution at your doorstep easily and comfortably.

Setup Wireless HP Printer Connection

Steps to Setup Wireless HP Printer Connection:

Step 1: Place the Printer within the range of wireless your branded router

Almost all modern printers have the Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to set them up without connecting to any of your computers. The printer will need to be in range of your wireless router in order to connect to it.

Step 2: Power on the HP Printer

You can connect to wireless network directly from the printer so you can don’t need to connect to computer first

Step 3: Connect the HP Printer to your Wireless network

For this process which vary depending on the Printer you must know the SSID which is the Wi-Fi network name and password.

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Step 4: Add Printer on your Windows Computer

After connecting your HP Printer to your network you can add it to Windows computer so that you can print

  • Visit the Control Panel from the Start menu
  • Select the “View devices and printers” or “Devices and Printers” option
  • Click on the “Add a printer” button at the top of the window.
  • Select your printer from the list. It may take a moment to appear.
  • Install any drivers if prompted. Windows should be able to automatically install drivers.

Step 5: Add the HP Printer on your Mac Computer

You might be using MacBook and HP printer is Mac compatible you can add it after connecting it to network with following steps:

  • Select your “System Preferences” by clicking Apple menu
  • Click on “Print & Scan” button.
  • Click on “+” button at the bottom of the list of printers.
  • Select your new added printer from the list and follow the prompts to install any necessary software.

Step 6: Print to your wireless HP Printer

Once your Printer is added to OS you can select the program that can print as your new printer will paper on the menu selection when you go to for print document or photo.

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