Error Code 0005FBB6

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0005FBB6?

HP Printer Error Code 0005fbb6 on the machine the sudden display of 0005fbb6 and the blue screen immediately turns on. There is a circular image that looks similar to power button above error code. You definitely have gone through many solutions and numerous suggestions yet nothing is working for you to get successful prints. The Error is not able to function properly your all-in-one HP Printer. The error is disturbing as every time when you are switching on the Printer you came across a message. You may need to contact HP Printer Repair Service department for the understanding of the error message as you are not getting exactly what the issue is.

HP Printer Error Code 0005FBB6

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code 0005fbb6

Solution 1: First Possible Solution

  • Uninstall the printer driver (always it detaches the printer power feeder cable and USB computer)
  • With the HP Printer USB cable connected download the printer drivers from the Internet and install again
  • Execute the downloaded HP printer driver from the Internet
  • Connect the USB cable to printer again, and check your computer to recognize the printer and try printing again

Solution 2: Resetting the HP Printer

  • The HP printer is turned ON disconnect the USB cable.
  • Remove the ink cartridges from the printer machine.
  • Wait for ten seconds and disconnect the electrical power cord from the HP printer.
  • Wait for about another 60 seconds with the printer device turned off.
  • Reconnect the printer to electricity power cord again.
  • If the printer is turned ON just by connecting the electric power cord, press the power button of the printer.
  • Place the ink cartridges and close the door of cartridge giving access to them.
  • Reconnect the USB cable to the printer again.

Solution 3: Factor Resetting of the Printer

  • Go to Settings then to tool and press Restore factory default
  • Restart the printer by turning Off and ON again.

For immediate and instant solutions to the queries, you came across call HP Printer Customer Support Number +44-800-046-5291 UK (toll-free). The all-time available trained team of technicians assists you online via phone call or email chat. Feel free to call us and get your doubts cleared promptly.


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