Troubleshoot HP Deskjet f4180 Printer Error

How to Fix HP Paper Jam Error Code 1315 ?

HP Photosmart 1315 meets with paper jam error. To Fix HP Paper Jam Error Code 1315 that has displayed on your attached computer system from which you command the device for paper prints. When you have given the command for print and the paper has not being picked one of the three problems has occurred with the device paper feed rollers is unable to pick up the paper, paper is not being lifted into the paper feed rollers or sliding paper tray is not inserted far enough. Let’s look at each of the case separately:

In case of the feed rollers as printer is not able to pick up the paper hence need to be cleaned. Use of water to clean is most advised as to have the quick fix.

In case of paper is not being lifted into the rollers remove the sliding paper tray. This is accomplished by sliding it out as far as possible and then pushing a button that is off center to the right. Look into the cavity where was no you should see a hinged shiny metal strip approximately 1″x2″ between the two feed rollers on the right. This metal strip lifts the paper into the rollers during paper feeding. It will be lying flat against the bottom unless printing was interrupted mid-cycle. If it is out place just reinsert it back into it’s slots.

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When talking about the paper tray will not close far enough, the black spring-loaded latch under it on the left is not working correctly. The spring may be out of place. It can be easily seen after the paper tray is removed. The spring has to be loaded CW against the latch at an angle exceeding 90 degrees.

HP Printer 1315 Paper Jam Error

Steps to Troubleshoot HP 1315 Paper Jam Error:

Step 1: Turn off the HP Printer from the front panel by locating on the machine

Step 2: Disconnect the power cord and do not unplug power cord from the wall outlet wait for a minute before you continue to next step.

Step 3: Connect the Power cord and make sure the connection is solid and nothing is loose

Step 4: Turn on the HP Printer again and press it on resume and it should light up the printer should now turned

Step 5: Try printing from the machine and check for the successful print results


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